Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Apple crisps

This is honestly the first time I've heard of this. Apple cake yes, apple scones yes, even apple chicken salad, but never slices of apple simply baked. These look just wonderful. Granny Greens are quite expensive here in India, so I think I'll stick with the crunchy red ones that are so popular here. This definitely goes on my to-do list for this weekend :)

Mini Pizzas

I love the idea of mini pizzas - the downside is you just won't know how many you've downed. Replace the hard to find and not to mention slightly pricey pepperoni (in India) with thinly sliced flavoured chicken sausages. Don't hold back...go crazy!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Teriyaki Chicken wings

This is what cooked to perfection is called. When you can actually see the tenderness of the meat! Two thumbs up! The recipe is super simple too and it doesn't look like it would take you ours slaving over the stove to get this...


Chicken Pineapple skewers

Pineapple is one of those fruits that makes everything better... Cakes, pizzas, dessert, breakfast. Everything tastes great with pineapple in it. Add it to chicken and voila! Flavour explosion. Check out this chicken pineapple skewer. It looks so good and I'm betting it tastes absolutely wonderful!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hawaiin BBQ Chicken

This is my second post on a Hawaiin recipe (Check out the first one here) and I can't wait to try it... Simple ingredients, simple steps. What's not to love!?!

Fried Chicken that's NOT fried

The heading says it all.., And the best part is, it calls for not more than 5-6 ingredients.. I like!

Rustic Herbed Skillet Chicken and Vegetables

I've been away for a while and now I'm back! It's raining cats and dogs in Mumbai and it's one of the not-so-clean times in the city. But it's the perfect weather for some wholesome food, so here goes... I found something I'd love to make for my lil hurricane and I thought i should share it here.